Skip Hoist Concrete Mixing Plant

SKIP HOIST CONCRETE MIXING PLANT Max. theoretical capacity: 25-75m3/h total power: 37.65-100KW Total weight: 15-27T Technical features Skip hoist concrete mixing plant , equipped with JS twin shafts mixer and skip type aggregates charging system, has rated output 25- 75m3/h compacted concrete. It can mix various kinds of concrete and suitable for all kinds of engineering construction and prefabricated components production. Compact and flexible, easy to maintain Skip hoist loading type, less land occupation, simple structure, quick work site transfer, convenient to operation and maintenance. Accurate measurement of powder Powder weighing scales adopt pull rod balance structure to ensure high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability. Electronic control system is reliable The key components of the electronic control system and air control system adopt import brand which is safe and reliable. Improve system security It has back-scrolling time protection and self-testable function with up limit switch. Automatic control software The plant is fully automatic controlled by computer with production management and data printing software. Unparalleled SHENDI service support Your SHENDI dealer is here to help you reach your business goals. From providing equipment solutions to operator training to service needs and beyond, your SHENDI dealer is ready to help. Performance Parameters
Theoretical productivity (m³/h) 25 40 50 75
Mixer Model JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Driving power(Kw) 18.5 30 2X18.5 2X30
Discharging capacity(L) 500 750 1000 1500
he Max. Diameter of the Aggregate( Gravel/Pebble)mm ≤60/80 ≤60/80 ≤60/80 ≤60/80
Aggregate Bin Aggregate bin volume (m³) 4 4 8 8
Hoisting motor power (kW) 5.5 7.5 18.5 22
Weighing range & accuracy Aggregate (kg) 1500±2% 1500±2% 2500±2% 3000±2%
Cement (kg) 300±1% 500±1% 500±1% 800±1%
Fly ash (kg) —— —— 150±1% 200±1%
Water (kg) 150±1% 200±1% 200±1% 300±1%
Additive (kg) 20±1% 20±1% 20±1% 30±1%
Discharging height (m) 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0
Total power consumption (KW) 57 70 105 130
The above parameters are subject to change without prior notice, please refer to the actual product.