JS concrete mixer nikko technology

Product feature The various performances of double screw concrete mixing console has a large improvement compared to the other manufacturers’ product of the same square: 1. Improve 20% compared to the other agitator of the same square, and the efficiency can be increased to 160 cube per hour equipped with 120 mixing housing. 2. Imported motor reducing gear can save energy for 15%, and the air-tight seal on shaft end can saving lubricate fee of 20000 yuan per year. 3. The unique pneumatic discharging and air-tight seal on shaft end can avoid oil pollution. Product usage JS-series concrete mixing console is mainly used for producing various grade concrete, is that it can produce stiff concrete and low plastic concrete. Aggregate could be gravel or cobble. It is mainly used in concrete production line, and auxiliary mixing console of concrete mixing plant and housing. Product component features Transmission actuator Transmission actuator adopts the specified reducer with compact structure. Agitation device Mixing unit of double-shaft with four-helical improve the agitating efficiency of 20% compared to the mixer of the same square. The unique agitating vane arranged on the unique 45°phase angle and established angle improve the agitation performance of inefficient zone, realizing the concrete state of rapid flow and no sticky, and increasing the material uniformity and reducing the concrete “seizing shaft” issues. The air-tight seal on shaft end can saving lubricate fee of 20000 yuan per year and avoiding oil pollution; Sealing element is up and down segmentation structure for convenient maintenance. Agitation tank Agitation tank is made up of tank body and lining board. Agitation tank body is produced through multiple technology. Entire inner cavity of barrel is equipped with wear-resisting lining which can be changed by users according to the wear pattern of lining, for avoiding inside wear of barrel. There is a discharge port at the bottom of barrel for discharging concrete in time. Discharging machine Double cylinder pneumatic discharging has big driving force with environmental-protection and high-efficiency. Technical parameters




Discharge capacity



Charging capacity



Work cycle



Maximum aggregate diameter







Complete machine weight



Mixing power


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